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Tuesday 20 July 2021

1:00-2:00pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)
11:00am AWST (Perth), 12:30pm ACST (Adelaide), 3:00pm NZST (New Zealand)

Every day providers are met with troubleshooting challenges that have a number of possible solutions. Starkey’s Inspire fitting software hosts a variety of tools that can help you continue giving your patients the best hearing health care possible.

This course is designed to review various case examples that explore some of the troubleshooting challenges that providers may encounter and how to apply the tools in the Inspire software to successfully serve their patients.


ACAud Endorsed: 202145 (2 CEP points with passing quiz)
AudA Endorsed: CPD2122 001 (Category 1.2) (1 CPD Point)
HAASA Endorsed: CPED2020-2021 (2021-023) (1.5 CPED points with passing quiz)
NZAS: 1 CEP point with passing quiz