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Hearing Technology’s Leading Edge

Product launch event recording – July 2020

We’ve reinvented the hearing aid using the power of artificial intelligence and integrated sensors.
Join us to learn about our next generation sound performance, and our powerful rechargeable technology
with the world’s first 2.4GHz custom rechargeables.

This professionally endorsed online seminar highlights the future of hearing technology by providing a glimpse into
the products and features your patients want and demand, including the next generation of rechargeable technology,
custom products, and Healthable hearing technology features.

The event features Starkey’s global Chief Innovation Officer Dave Fabry PhD, as well as Starkey Australia’s
Manager of Education and Audiology Judy Grobstein and Managing Director Dawn Rollings.

ACAud Endorsed: 202014 (2.5 CEP points with passing quiz)
AudA Endorsed: CPD2021 002 (Category 1.2) (1.5 CPD Point)
HAASA Endorsed: CPED2018-2020 (2020-011) (2 CPED points with passing quiz)