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Tuesday 9 March 2021

1:00-2:00pm AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne)

10:00am AWST (Perth), 12:00pm AEST (Brisbane), 12:30pm ACDT (Adelaide), 3:00pm NZDT (New Zealand)

We are excited to welcome our guest presenter for this course: Martin McKinney, Director of Algorithms and Data Technology at Starkey’s head office in the US.

Today’s technologies are being transformed by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Smart devices are appearing in all aspects of our lives and this is no different in the world of hearing aids. We will explain how AI extends the capabilities of hearing aid technology to perform tasks that enhance our listening experience and assist us in our daily lives.

This session will also provide an overview of how machine learning and AI are being implemented in today’s hearing technology, with examples including automatic parameter adjustments and voice-driven personal assistants.


ACAud Endorsed: 202132 (2 CEP points with passing quiz)
AudA Endorsed: CPD2021 105 (Category 1.2) (1 CPD Point)
HAASA Endorsed: CPED2020-2021 (2021-007) (1.5 CPED points with passing quiz)
NZAS: 1 CEP point